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How to right maintain the vibrating drums?

Date:2017-01-16 13:31:37 Hits:4381

  Generally speaking, as long as the total use life for these vibrating drums, which installed on the MINI Skid Steer loader structure is over one thousand hours, writer suggests MINI Skid Steer loader drivers change the new lubrication oil at this time, but also check if the vibrating drum has the oil leakage problem at the same time.

  When check the lubrication oil level, professional MINI Skid Steer loader supplier suggests drivers adjust the oil filter into the right upper direction first then open the hydraulic oil outlet, until there are no lubrication oil can be leakage out anymore. To prevent the oil pollution problem, MINI Skid Steer loader drivers should use a empty cast under the oil filter, which can be used to carrying the falling down lubrication oil but maintain cleanly.


  Professional MINI Skid Steer loader production supplier also warn each MINI Skid Steer loader drivers remember maintenance these walking bearings after they had control the steer loader machine over twenty days later.