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Walk hydraulic system should maintain the suitable pressure

Date:2017-01-16 13:22:10 Hits:4227

  During the PD Vibratory Roller normal working period, writer confess the main circuit for the entirety walk hydraulic system can be divided into two different types pressure modes, such as the high pressure power and topping oil pressure, and professional PD Vibratory Roller supplier suggests consumers add one oil pressure gauge within 60MPa work rate on each high pressure testing inlet, but connect the 4MPa work rate oil pressure gauge with the topping oil pressure testing inlet then right check the entirety hydraulic system next.


  As general, under the normal temperature, which temperature is free range from thirty to sixty degree, professional PD Vibratory Roller production manufacturer indicate when the pressure of topping oil pressure is 26MPa, the total walking pressure rate for the PD Vibratory Roller should never smaller than 24MPs, but when the walk resistance force had changed into 38MPa, professional PD Vibratory Roller supplier said the common normal walk rate should never smaller than 20MPa.